What to Wear


If you are having a senior  session please wear fun & fashionable clothing.  I want you to look like a beautiful young woman but not sexy, sexy as in this just isn’t appropriate and your parents aren’t going to purchase any photos of you wearing that!  Avoid short, shorts AND FYI tube tops are not TOPS! Don’t match everything. Don’t wear all black or all white. Avoid wearing tees with logos and lettering. You need to make sure your bra matches  all of your clothing changes and try to hide the straps. I won’t edit out the straps for free.  Investing in a few matching bras will be cheaper than editing them out of the photo.  Get a manicure! Paint your nails, all ten of them! Chances are both hands and feet will be fully exposed and nothing speaks unfinished like chipped nails.

Plan on getting your hair done, spray tan and tanning visits a few weeks a head of your shoot, not the day before!  Having a sunburn doesn’t look so hot in photos and I can’t do much about it.  I suggest bringing a comb, hair spray & a make-up bag to organize it all.  If you wear glasses you will need to have the lens removed so we won’t have glare in them. Your eye doctor might have loaner frames you can rent,  check out and bring back, ask!

I want you to have fun, feel comfortable, and confident enough to get creative and relax so we can make the best of your shoot. If you have a friend you’d like to have tag along that’s fine as long as they aren’t distracting.

If you’d like to meet with me before hand and discuss details, just let me know.  If you play sports bring whatever you want. If you are in band bring your instrument. If you have a colorful blanket that you’d like to feature in your picture, please bring it! I am in favor of whatever you choose to bring. Please let me know in advance what you like and dislike (parents especially let me know what you’d like to see from our shoot).



Bring plenty of patience, blankets, diapers, wipes and formula etc. You are going to be here a while.  I would a lot 2-3 hours. This session is for new infants, 14 days new and younger.  Bring hats, Onesie’s a naked baby is always so cute!  I can come to you if needed, please send me an email if interested from the CONTACT page.


Babies and Toddlers think the same as above for infants but with bigger boy and girl stuff. Snacks and water in a sippy are good choices.  Cake smash is available on request.


Families & Everyone

Overall I’d say you can wear accessories at any age as long as they are age appropriate.

Think jewelry, scarves, hats, head bands, rain boots, large bracelets, cowboy boots, umbrellas, tutus, sundresses and pops of color mixed with denim are cute. I found some really cute ideas on Pinterest.com I’d go there for inspiration.