Apr 01, 2013

Looking forward to taking some more photos of Senior Rep, Taylor Swartz.

Fenwick High School Class of 2014

If you know Taylor ask her about my Senior sessions and how you can get yours scheduled.


Class of 2013

K. Patrick

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Newly Weds Catie and Nick welcome a new family member.


Newly weds Nick and Catie Muniz from Monroe, Ohio came to At Studio ELB  with high hopes of capturing  images of their growing family.  They had hoped to showcase  (BIG SISTER) Sophia and show off their newest family member, 11 day new Issac.

During the shoot I thought it would be fun to capture the love between siblings…Haha….but  real life kicked in and big sister Sophia had her own agenda. Sophia decided she’d do things as she saw fit so…sassy pants… Sophia did what she’s best at….being herself!

We got some fabulous photos anyways……..Don’t worry if your children don’t always cooperate. Something cute usually develops “in the moment” to catch their, little spirit and that’s how you’ll want to remember them once they’ve grown up anyways.